Dear Animal House lawyers: How are you?  I am fine. Please don’t sue us for $15 million.

Saturday Night Dorm Party

Thank goodness we got that pesky bike riding thing out of the way!

We offer an optional package that includes our Saturday Night Dorm Party and Sunday riding.

At the party there will be delicious beer, pizza, frozen margaritas, dessert, trouble...

The party will start at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday in the North Dorm C Deluxe Dorms -- the same place where the bike ride HQ is and the same place where the start/finish line is.

If you just want to show up and hang out, well, this is all you need to know! Dress casual or keep on your filthy bike clothes. (Toga not required). See you there!

HOWEVER... we are looking for cyclists who want to help host the party with your ideas and our money!

IF you are staying in a Deluxe Dorm apartment and IF you want to, you can open up your apartment’s living room/kitchen area for the Dorm Party (while keeping your private room locked).

What is the theme of YOUR dorm party? Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking

• The Dessert Room

• The Bad 80s Music Room

• The Crispy Snack Room

• Paris (someone did this a few years ago and it was great!)

• The Whiskey Bar

• The Martini Room

• The Drug Clean American Fun Room

I’ll be providing free frozen margaritas, pizza, and of course beer.


Legendary  Senior Staff crew member Sirocco Wilson doing his Margarita Man impersonation.  Photo by Clarence

ANYWAY... book a Deluxe Dorm Apartment with your friends, tell us your idea for a theme, and we’ll give you budget money (within sane reason) to make it happen!

Of course this is entirely OPTIONAL -- no one will have a party in their apartment unless they request one. If you want nothing to do with any of this, let us know and we’ll try to put your room far from the fun.

See you there!