Rain Insurance

We ride rain or shine.

So usually we hesitate to even mention the word “rain”.

But we just did, so we offer optional rain insurance.

Here’s how it works:

You can buy rain insurance for one, two, three, or zero days -- your choice.  If it rains 1” or more any time between 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. the insurance company pays you $150 per day that you have covered.  (Want a larger payout?  You can pay double the premium -- $38 -- and get double the payout if it rains: $300.  Your choice.)

You do NOT need to show up on ride day to collect.  So if you wake up and it’s pouring, you can stay in bed and go back to  sleep. We’ll mail your check to you.  (If you are a ride volunteer that part doesn’t apply to you -- you have to show up even if there’s a satanic firestorm).

The Fine Print

This is real insurance, which we buy from a real insurance company.  These are reliable folks, but we pay you when they pay us.  If the insurance kicks in they will send one check directly to us.  That means that we’ll send out your check as soon as we get our check and give it a couple days to clear the bank.  (We trust them; we just can’t afford to lay out all that dough!)

Please remember that we are NOT guaranteeing that it won’t drizzle; we’re protecting you against a downpour.