Saturday June 12th

At last, it’s Farm Ride day!  

Check in is from 8:00 am. - 9:30 a.m.

There is no mass start -- as soon as you check in, you can start pedaling.


We’ll serve a free light breakfast at the start line (bagels, doughnuts, bananas, granola with milk from cows that live around the corner, coffee, etc.) or if you want that giant lumberjack breakfast, you can buy it nearby before morning check in.


Our start line is right next to the Deluxe Dorms on the UMass campus. Lots of free parking. You can see a map and get driving directions here.


You have a choice of route distances today -- 100 miles, 70 miles, 55 miles, or 25 miles. Every one of the routes is beautiful -- great rides for beginners and experts.

We’ll be pedaling on some no-car bike paths and on low-traffic roads. The routes are fully marked, and we’ll have full S.A.G. service on demand and bicycle repair available just in case you need a helping hand during the ride.  

Several sections of the ride go on the lovely Amherst/Northampton car-free bike path.  

I love this path.  It’s fully paved and beautiful and quiet and car-free.  I ride on fancy skinny wheels and don’t hesitate to ride here.


Our fantastic rest stops will be located no more than 25 miles apart.  They feature, water, bathrooms, sports drink, too much food (both healthy and junky varieties) and mechanical help.


Historic Deerfield


We offer an optional escorted version of the 25-mile route, 70-mile route, and the 100-mile route, with trained leaders riding along with you for the day. There is no extra charge for the escorted ride, and you do NOT need to notify us in advance. When it’s time for the escorted rides to leave the start line, we’ll just shout out and pull everyone together who wants to join us.

Some people start the escorted version of the ride and then decide later in the day that they would rather pull away and pedal on their own. No problem -- this happens all the time.

IF you want to do an escorted version of the 100-mile ride it will start at 8:30 a.m. (So get there earlier so you have time for breakfast!)

The escorted version of the 25- or 70-mile ride  will depart at 9:00 a.m. sharp  (So get there earlier so you’ll have time to check in and grab some breakfast.) If you would prefer to ride on your own, check in any time between 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.


Too tired to go on? Bike trouble? Just call us and we’ll rush to your aid.  (We’ll give you the phone number on ride day).  We’ll have vehicles stationed all along the route.  

Here’s what our S.A.G. team can do for you:

Take you to where you can get repair help (usually the closest rest stop).

Help you get back to the start line, or to the post-ride meal.  (This may mean taking you to a rest stop where you can grab a lift forward).

Here’s what S.A.G. service can NOT do for you:

Fix your bike.  Some S.A.G. drivers are bike repair experts; some have no bike repair skills at all, but are simply friendly volunteers.  If the driver can’t fix your bike they’ll take you to where you can get bike repair.

Take you to your friends house, off-campus hotel, or Thai-food take out.

Provide medical care.


At the end of the day we’ll have a great all-you-can-eat meal outdoors at a local farm with food grown right in the valley, including choices for meat eaters and vegetarians.

The menu? To be determined, depending on what looks good in the market that weekend, but typically we serve corn on the cob and salad that was stil growing at the farm on the morning of the ride. Hamburgers, hot dogs, kielbasa, and sausages... all made right in the Amherst area. (And veggie burgers too!) Homemade potato salad and colesale made from local potatoes and cabbage. Green and yellow squash with melted cheese. (It's a Massachusetts thign!)  Ice cream from cows that live next door to the farm. Iced tea. Lemonade... The meal is included in the price of the ride.

We'll also have free post-ride massage at the finish line.

NOTE: After dinner there is still another 30 minutes of pedaling back to the UMass campus, so go easy on the beer -- we don't want to have to S.A.G. you AFTER dinner! (But we'll be happy to give you a lift back to campus after dinner if you don't want to pedal.)