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If you are staying in a hotel, head straight there when you arrive in Amherst and check-in.

Staying in the Deluxe Dorms? Check in there. Here are driving directions.

If you are staying in the Standard Dorms, you should go to the Deluxe Dorms and check in there first.

Ifyou are Dude, we are going back to campus!  The Farm Ride headquarters will be located on the campus of UMass -- the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, my alma mater.  (OK, one of my four alma maters, but THAT is another story for another day!)  

Some cyclists come just for one day, and that's absolutely fine, but most make a weekend out of it.

There are a variety of places you can stay including hotels and UMass dorms (where I stay!)  

Trivia item -- we do not profit from lodging -- you pay what we pay.


If you are staying in a hotel, you book your own room and pay them directly.

Campus Center Hotel (also known as Hotel UMass)

This is a real hotel located on the University of Massachusetts campus.  It is about the same quality as a three-star roadside Holiday Inn. Free internet access in your room, air-conditioning, free continental breakfast, HBO, private bath, daily maid service... the works.

Price: $155 per night per room, which comes out to about $166 per night when you include the taxes.  So you can take a room for yourself for $166 a night, or you and a friend could share one room for $83 each per night). There are also a few suites available at higher prices. You can add a cot to a Campus Center Hotel room for about $10 per night.


1. It is up to you to find your own roommate if you want to share a Campus Center Hotel room -- we do not assign them.

2. The dorms (below) don’t sell out, but the Campus Center Hotel does, and for 2018 we expect it to sell out very fast. Reservations for the Campus Center Hotel are NOT available just yet for 2018. Register for the ride now and we'll email you as soon as they go on sale.

Other Hotels Nearby

We do not offer an "Official Farm Ride Hotel".


Because now that everyone books travel online, you can get a much better price surfing the web than we can get by booking 50 rooms somewhere and trying to make you stay at that place. Just pick your favorite online travel site:




and search for hotels near Amherst, MA.

You can pedal from your hotel to the start line each day, or drive your car over -- plenty of free parking at the start.

Please note that we do not provide transuportation between UMass and off-campus lodging.


Deluxe Dorm Apartments

This is where I stay.

These are apartments (well, college-style apartment anyway!) Each air-conditioned apartment includes four small single bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a shared living room/kitchen area. Each Deluxe Dorm building also has a common area/lounge.  Linens are provided. Soap and shampoo are not. Coin-operated laundry is located in the building.

NOTE: If you want to cook in the kitchen (beyond microwave popcorn) be sure to bring some stuff with you! The kitchen area is nice, but has NO utensils or pots. You get a full-size stove/oven, a microwave, a kitchen sink, and a full-size refrigerator/freezer, but THAT’S IT!

You can put together your own group of four people to share an apartment, or we can match you up with others. We’ve also heard from a few couples with kids that are taking the entire apartment for themselves, and that’s fine.

Note that if you ask us to match you up with others to share an apartment, we will be mixing men and women in the same four-room apartment (since each person has his or her own single room).

This is where I will be staying, and I plan to bring along some really hideous posters of my favorite rock bands (circa 1977) to put on the walls, or maybe a bad print of Van Gough’s “Starry Night.”  Ah, college!  

Price: $70 per person per night, or $280 for the entire apartment per night.

Standard Dorms

Remember your first dorm room?  We guarantee that these rooms are not as bad as prison. (Well, most prisons, anyway!) These are bare-bones, but you can’t beat the price. Each room has two single beds, two desks, two chairs... These rooms are not air conditioned. Bathrooms are in the hallway. Linens and towels are provided. Soap and shampoo are not.

Price: $55 per night if you are taking this as a private single room; $50 per person per night if you are sharing the room.

Check-Out Times

If you are staying in any of the dorms, you have to check out by 7:00 p.m.

If you are staying in the Campus Center Hotel, you have to check out by 11:00 a.m., so we have arranged to have rooms set aside in one of the dorms so you can shower and change before the trip home. We’ll be happy to hold your luggage for you until your departure.

• • •

No matter which accommodations you choose, there is free outdoor parking (or paid indoor parking). Your bike stays in your room with you -- nice and safe.